Wondershare Privacy Protector

Wondershare Privacy Protector 1.3.4

Steady and Safe Program Wondershare Privacy Protector has a...

Steady and Safe Program Wondershare Privacy Protector has a smart search engine as well as good compatibility. It scans for target histories precisely and doesnt involve other files that are not defined as safe ones so that your computer will not crash because of using this program.

Simple but Effective Operation Wondershare Privacy Protector is an easy-to-use tool and will do all cleaning job by just a few mouse clicks. 1.

Click Start Scan; 2. Click Start Cleanup and confirm. Then all is done! Your privacy will be never revealed since! Windows History Cleaner Clean up history left on Start Menu and DesktopRecycle Bin, Document history, Find and search history, run history, etc; Operation trace of Windows systemClipboard, Windows & System temporary files, Memory dumps, etc; And history of recent computer activitiesPaint recent file list, Last opened registry, Windows Media Player history and many more others.

Browser History Cleaner Clean history of dominant browsersIE (and other ones based on IE core), Firefox, Netscape, Opera, and Chrome. That includes cookies, AutoComplete form history, Recently Typed URLs, Temporary Internet files and Index.

dat files (hidden files which cannot be deleted manually), etc. Application History Cleaner Applications leave history after loading files, Office, WinRAR, various file readers, picture viewers and video players, etc.

Wondershare Privacy Protector searches these traces and cleans them so that other people will never know what you have seen, listened to or processed.

Cookies Cleaner Its an advanced cookies cleaning option. Here to decide which cookies to keep (cookies help to login accounts without filling forms every time) and which to clean.

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Wondershare Privacy Protector


Wondershare Privacy Protector 1.3.4

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